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"Oral Health in the Elderly" is the website of The Denture and Oral Health Promotion and Prevention projects administered by the Dental Health Bureau. The content consists of activities in each project such as The Denture project, The Oral Health Promotion by Senior Citizens Club and The Oral Health Preventive program under the health insurance system. All projects were founded from 2005 until now. The website front page content consists of Home, Overview, Articles, Contact us, and Gallery.

This website has several pages: Home, Overview, Articles, Contact us, and Gallory.

Recent Articles

Oral Health Care System for the Elderly: Provider's Viewpoint
The aim of this study was to develop Oral Health Care System for the elderly which suitable for their problems and real situation in Health service center under the concept that the Elderly should be emphasize to improve self-care skills and access to oral health service when needed.
The Denture and Oral Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for the Elderly Project
Thailand is going to be an aging society. For older adults health is one of the most important concerns during aging. Oral health in particular is one of the most critical areas, oral health problems can result in pain, difficulties in chewing or speech, dissatisfaction with personal appearance, and social aspects for senior citizens.
Evaluation of Dental Prosthesis Service Campaign for the Elderly to Celebrate on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's Eightieth Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2007
The purpose of this study qas to evaluate the process and factors influenced on Dental Prosthesis Service Campaign including acrylic partial denture 16 teeth or more and complete denture for the elderly nation-wide.
Oral Health Promotion Activities in Elderly Clubs by Success Story Telling among Elderly Clubs in the North, Northest and Central Part of Thailand
The purpose of this descriptive study was to exchange and learn oral health promotion activities in elderly clubs through Success Story Telling from each participatant.
The Project of Dentures Conferred in the Serviecs of His Majesty the King
Thailand is going to be an aging society when 10% of the population is age 60 years old and over. The trend shows that the proportion of older adults is expected to be even higher ranging from 10.5% or 6.4 million in 2005 to 19.5% or 11 million in 2020.
Oral health promotion activities in senior citizens club in Thailand
In Thailand there is an advantage of having a senior citizens club in nearly every village because most older adults live alone or are alone during the day. The senior citizens clubs have been set up for elderly people who have lived in that village to meet people of the same age, doing activities together such as traveling , making a merit , producing local herb products etc.
The history of oral health in elderly activities
The 1st Conference in Geriatric Dentistry People's Republic of China and Thailand Collaboration 24th-28th June 2014, Bangkok and Lampang, Thailand
     Oral Health in the Elderly in Thailand    在泰国促进老人口腔健康
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